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Bowhunting the elusive sucker faced stink fish.

Flatline Outdoors Prostaffer Elissa Hein scores her first carp with a bow!
Full moon fun! Looks like fish tacos for memorial day. Prostaffers Cobi Hood and Zane Duffney had set up the new carp destruction mobile. Zane's good friend Eric Noland made an unreal shot at a dogfish at around 15 yards. While Flatlines' Pete Hein struggled to get on a fish, finally scored a nice big carp to get the smell of skunk out of the front of the boat. This late night crew total talley for the night was 2 big carp, 5 dogfish and 4 massive bullheads that tasted just like chicken!

Congrats to this arrow flinging Fish Flatlining Crew. Great work guys.

This year has been a grind to say the least. I had a chance at a gobbler the Monday before and ended up missing. I was drained, I didn't know if I was going to be able to get the job done in MN this year. Sam and I had talked on the 21st and decided that we would set up in the same spot that I had missed this gobbler the Monday before.

Sure enough, we set up with taxi tom out in the field and the show began. Two longbeards filed into the field and walked 40 yards from our blind and hung up in the meadow grass. We knew these birds were not committed to coming in so we threw the kitchen sink at them. We were getting the birds to gobble but nothing else. 2 seconds after, one of the birds gobbled. 10 other gobbles could be heard coming towards us. Sure enough, we watched as 10 longbeards filed into the meadow grass. We broke 4 of the toms off of the group and up into the field. I drew on one of these toms and drilled an arrow through him.

This is by far one of the most memorable moments that I have had in a blind turkey hunting.
Thank you Sam for the great memory!

I was hunting in Milaca on my in-laws land, they've been watching a flock of 8 for like 5 weeks now, so we had a pretty good idea of where to setup. The other guy is my mother-in-law's fiancee so if you wanna use his pics for the site he said its cool.

I was using my bow but Dave had a gun tag for that season, it's my first with a bow. I got some great footage up to the shot. The birds circled around and came in from behind us so we had to re-situate ourselves in the blind and open different shooting windows without spookin the birds that were at 30 yards.

My bird was 20 lbs with a 10.5 inch beard. Dave was 22.5 lbs with a 10 inch beard. While we were eating dinner on sunday we saw that there's a new tom out in their field struttin for the hens these 2 left behind.


It was a very nice afternoon. Flatline Productions' Tony Seibert, Clay Thompson and Pete Hein set out to get it done on Holten's Field. We had been hunting this area fairly hard, but hunting it smart. The birds were still coming into this field to eat and strut but wouldn't come into the decoys or do more than response gobble at calls. After several weeks of hunting this area off and on, you can really start patterning these birds and we decided to set a new blind closer to where these birds were likely to hang out in chance of getting into range for a high-percentage shot opportunity. We consider this "Deer Hunting" them. No decoys and light infrequent calling. And tonight this combination worked.

As Tony, Clay and I arrived on the field shortly after 5:00 pm tonight, the field was empty. Very great news to not "boot" the birds off the field. Tony dropped Clay and I off with all the gear and helped us stategically place our Primos Dark Horse blind in the best place to assassinate one of these very weary birds. As Tony left the field in the truck, the mosquitos poured into the blind and on went the thermocell. Soon we were bug free, nustled in, and in Ninja mode!

Clay, behind the camera, lightly made the sweet music of a lonely old hen. Repeating this seranade 10 minutes later, a Tom, fired off in the woods behind us. As Clay and I kept focus on the wood line to our side, a small motion caught my eye in front of the blind. Slowly swiveling, my glance found 2 very nice Toms and a hen, cresting the small slope 40 yards in front of the blind. I gave my cameraman the look and eyeball point and Clay was on REC. Waiting for the right opportunity to draw my bow, the Veteran Turkey Death Video Stud whispered, "32 yards". As Clay lowered the rangefinder, I came to full draw.

As my 30 yard pin came to rest on this turkeys neck, the Tom behind him was in full strut. The turkey I had radar lock on was be-bopping back and forth "putting"! He wheeled to watch his buddy's big-show and pause just enough. FLING! The Reezen released the Rage tipped carbon express and it hit home, leaving a devastating result. This nice big Tom dropped in his tracks and headed toward turkey heaven with the last image of his buddy strutting it up in Holten's field.

He went just over 20 lbs, had a nice 9" go-T and spurs, like any other bird. This one is for Emma! and for all the black bears in Wisconsin. Thanks to my brothers for sharing this great day with me. Thank GOD for this answered prayer. What an awesome hunt. Thanks Clay, Tony and Connor.

From all of us at Flatline Productions Inc and Flatline Outdoors, Congratulations Pete!

Clay Thompsons Tom

20 lbs 9" beard and 3/4 spurs.
This guy came from 400 yrds across the field and held up at 30 yrds, didn't want to come into the decoys, so I let him have it with the rage at 30 yrds. Connor was filming the whole thing and did an excellent job for his first
film kill!!!

Jordan’s first time ever hunting anything and 30 minutes into it, 2 jakes show up, and he was ready with his 20 gauge!!!! He was so exited. I think he wants to keep hunting now!!!!!


Jordans Dad Jason was right by his side when he put the hammer down!! One more youth hooked on huntin!!


One Hour Hunt. 5 Toms 4 Hens and 3 Decoys and 1 Turkey Vulture made for a delightful Evening in the Blind!!!

21 pounds 11" beard 1" spurs


My dad took me out to our spot and we were only their 10 minutes and 2 jakes came running in, and only one left!! My first turkey ever!!! Awesome!

Tanner Freeberg


It was the last day of my season and we finally got this guy to come into the decoy at 20 yrds.
I let him have it with the 20 gauge!!! All on video for everyone to see next year!!

Cameron Cotton 20 lbs 7" beard 3/4 " spurs

Journal entry May 3rd 2010 - Flatline Outdoor's Prostaffer Junior Emma Hein - her last day of her 5 day season.

Rain, shine, hail, more shine, and tons of birds Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all proved to be those middle of the season kinda days. Hard hunted birds that are call shy, decoy shy, and just plain weary. Emma hunted hard those first 4 days, and the 5th day was no exception.

Waking up at 4 am everyday wears you down. Emma had allergies, a stuffy nose, and a bad cough. So Monday morning she went to the doctor. Low and behold, she had come down with pneumonia. So the nurse had to draw some blood and give Emma a shot - scary stuff for a 6 year old. As the nurse approached Emma, she swabbed her arm and was about to give her a shot in her upper arm, Emma said "stop!, you cant give me a shot in that arm!" - and the nurse said "why not." and Emma replied, "Thats my gun arm!" To which mom, the nurse and doctor all started to giggle. "gun arm? - what do you need a gun for". Asked the nurse. To which Emma replied "ah, turkey hunting, with my Dad, silly!" - "give me the shot in my left arm, that one doesn’t do much when I’m shooting".

Needless to say, the shot was given and blood drawn, but that, nor pneumonia, nor the ear infection, nor the fatigue of o' dark hundred every morning for 4 days was going to stop Emma from finishing her season.
At 4pm, Emma, dad, and "Yohan" the cameraman, low crawled into the hay bail blind on the edge of the field. 5 minutes later it was pouring rain. 2 jakes made their way across the field, feeding as they went. 10 minutes later the wind died, the hail stopped, the sun came out, and the turkeys began to pour out into the field. We were surrounded. Toms, jakes, tom jrs, and hens. Everywhere! The combined heart rate in the blind was around 600. The turkeys were fired up, never stopping long enough to allow for a good shot. Crossing just out of range. Bad shot angles.

Emma patiently waited for the right opportunity, but it never presented itself. Emma fought with coughing, wheezing and the urge to lose her lunch, and never wanted to quit. I can honestly say, i would have been at home in bed, whimpering. I am very proud of you Emma.

For the outstanding job you did, the patience you showed and determination any hunter or father
would be proud of.

From all of us at Flatline Productions Inc and Flatline Outdoors - "Toughest Turkey Hunter Of The Year Award" - hands down. From the proudest Dad in the world - "Pete Hein" - I love you kiddo. Great job!

Journal entry April 30 - May 2 Flatline Outdoors Prostaffer Junior James Hood - turkey hunt with Dad, Cobi Hood - Elk River MN

The first morning was filled with gobbles and the day ended with a very loud tom hung up behind their Primos Darkhorse Blind. So when Sunday morning rolled around, excitement filled the blind, as the tom we put to bed woke up and was on the ground working ever closer to our decoy-less setup. James, feeling the fatigue of getting up at 4am, rested as the tom's gobbles got closer and closer. It wasn’t long before the ol’ boy was only 30 yards from the side of the blind.

Working through the brush, the tom made the corn field and started across the field from right to left just within range of James' 20 gauge. As he drew his bead on the long-bearded beast, 2 other tomish birds showed up to add a little more excitement to the situation. Deciding on the first tom after some careful consideration, James squeezed the trigger of his Mossberg pump. Feeling only the breeze of the 5 shot, the tom flew to live another day. To be certain it was a clean miss, after a few remaining birds passed out of range and disappeared into the swamp, James and his dad Cobi, checked the area and found it was a clean miss. Darnit!

From all of us at Flatline Productions Inc  and Flatline Outdoors - you did an outstanding job!
Sorry you didn’t connect. You are an awesome turkey hunter. Thanks for coming down and sharing it with us!


Journal entry April 28th 2010 - last day of practice for Prostaffer Junior Emma Hein

At Flatline Productions Inc - we can not say, teach, or demand "firearms safety" and "practice"
for young new hunters.

The last day before Flatline Outdoors Prostaffer Junior Emma Hewn's turkey season, meant one final day of practice before the big show. Making the practice session as close to the real hunting situation is critical to building confidence in every hunter. With ground blind set up, target in place, and a safe backdrop, Emma takes careful aim at her target. Repetitive exercises build good technique and awesome shooting form and utmost accuracy. Making shooting fun, educational, and safe is the most important part of building a safe, ethical hunter. Hats off to the MN DNR for allowing youth to hunt turkeys in MN.

It would be great of them to extend the season for young hunters to the entire season, making school schedules/daycare/etc less of an issue. Contact your local DNR office and let them know what you think.
Nice shot Emma! Looks like you are ready to go after ‘em!

From all of us at Flatline Productions Inc and Flatline Outdoors - good luck and have a safe fun-filled season.

Journal entry Monday April 26th 2010 - wildgame feed living hope church Little Falls MN

I was invited to be the special guest speaker at living hope church's annual wildgame feed in little falls MN. I had the pleasure of sharing my testimony of how I came to know our lord savior Jesus Christ and also talk a little about spring walleye fishing tactics.

The food at this event was second to none and Pastor Jon Adams did an outstanding job putting this event together. I want to thank all the volunteers, food donors, attendees and pastoral staff at living hope church for inviting me to share an awesome night of food, fun, faith and fishing. I only wish I could have talked a little bit more of the importance of tuning your crank baits, but we can save that for next time we do a fishing seminar. There were a lot of great questions, and sharing my extreme passion for walleye fishing was unreal.

I would also like to thank my friend Jim Kalkofen and MN teen fishing challenge for all of their hard work, and I look forward to seeing a lot of the people from the wildgame dinner at this years MN teen fishing challenge 2nd annual tournament on June 5th on beautiful Gull Lake.

If you are interested in fishing this event, please see our home page for more details. Click the link "MN teen fishing challenge" and if you have any questions on spring walleye fishing or turkey hunting, please contact us ASAP.

Again thanks living hope church!
Flatline Productions Inc
Pete Hein


Journal entry April 21-22 Flatline Outdoor's Paul Hein turkey hunt Princeton MN
The mornings were cold and windy. The turkeys were roosting in a nearby pine grove, so it didn’t take long after first light for the woods to come alive. With the trusty pretty series combo out in front and tucked in the stealthy interior of the Primos matrix 360 blind, Paul waited in anticipation for the first turkey to show itself. With bow in hand, Paul waited patiently.
With some early hen fly downs, the toms wouldn’t be far behind. 2 very nice big round tails showed up, but were just to far out of range. The hen they were with looked a lot better to them then the "pretty girl".
Imagine that. Turkeys that don’t do what you want them to. It was a great couple of sits with my dad. I’m bummed I didn’t get him his first turkey, but we saw a few birds, had some really close encounters, and most importantly had fun hunting.
From all of us at Flatline Outdoors and Flatline Oroductions Inc - thanks for coming down and chasing birds with us!
Thanks dad

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