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2013 Champlin Park High School
March 23

The NASP tournament is a very large year ending championship that finalizes the archery season for all the schools and archery clubs from all over the state of Minnesota. With close to 1200 youth shooters, this is a very big event that is very well ran & amazing for the youth that participate in it. With a chance to win not only their division as individuals but also as an age/grade group and as a team.
Team Flatline Outdoors Clay Thompson, Connor Thompson and Pete Hein arrived just before 7:30 am to set up the booth and prepare for the several hundred visitors that would be stopping by to visit and that would be entering into the raffles for the great prizes the Team would be giving away. We were invited back again this year from Barry Boevers from Champlin Park.
It wasnt long before people were buying raffle tickets and learning about the what Team Flatline Outdoors does for the NASP program. Which includes - sponsoring, mentoring and guiding several kids and archery groups through the NASP program in turkey and whitetail hunts. They also learned that TFO works directly with the MN DNR & University of Minnesota to set up and educate these youth about preparing, scouting and hunting for each of the target game - along with providing mentors, guides and video personal to cover every aspect of the hunt.
It was great to see a lot of familiar faces at our booth from kids we had taken hunting and the parents & coaches of these students.
Kids and adults won some great prizes from Team Flatline Outdoors and our sponsor Wildlife Research Centers. The people who bought tickets or that stopped by and chatted with us took away some great items including our Spring Fling Turkey series and Bone Madness Whitetail series dvd's & all the new product catalogs and whitetail hunting secrets books from WRC. Winners of the raffles took home Rod & Reel combos and WRC's gift packages including everything they need for a scent free whitetail season.
After all the shooting was completed we packed up the booth - because all of the stuff we had brought was history. All of the prizes were given away and all the product, candy and gear was completely gone. We must have talked to close to 600 people that day. It was amazing. We went into the event and watched as the last groups of shooters finished their rounds. After the shooting was completed, the Cabela's shoot out started. Kids that finished highest in their class were asked to join. They shot at golf balls, hovering whiffle balls and clay pigeons. After all the arrows flew, 2 remained to be crowned top shooters.
As the awards ceremony began - we settled in to watch the 5th through 1st place in every grade - that would receive their trophies.
At the start of the program - they announced a couple special awards. To our surprise, Pete Hein was called up to accept the "2013 Art Hawkins Conservation Award" for outstanding and dedicated service to the MN DNR & National Archery in the Schools Program.
The award was presented to Pete Hein - but it was graciously accepted on behalf of the entire crew of Team Flatline Outdoors - Clay Thompson, Sam Pullar, Tony Seibert and Corey Thompson.

It was an amazing event and an even more amazing ending. We cant thank Barry, Jack, Kraig & the NASP - enough for the honor of this award. Its a testimony to what Team Flatline Outdoors is all about. Building relationships and changing lives. Speaking into kids lives and investing in the lives of young adults. Sharing our faith with mentors, students and parents - and making lifelong friendships and memories along the way. Helping others find their heart beats again.

We look forward to the spring turkey season. If you have any question on spring turkey hunting or how to join or volunteer for a National Archery in the Schools event - Please contact us.

Congrats to Pete Hein and the entire crew for this amazing honor - the 2013 Art Hawkins Conversation Award

Conservationist and waterfowl management pioneer Art Hawkins

A student of famed conservationist Aldo Leopold, Hawkins was a graduate of Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin. “Art was a legend in waterfowl management.

“He helped lay the foundation for waterfowl surveys that have been used for 50 years to set our annual duck regulations

Hawkins was a Mississippi Flyway biologist and flyway representative during a career that spanned more than 35 years. The recipient of countless conservation awards, since retirement Hawkins has served as an advisor to the Department of Natural Resources, the Aldo Leopold Foundation, the Leopold Education Project of Pheasants Forever and the city of Lino Lakes.
In 1970 he co-founded the Environmental Program in Churches and has helped organize Earth Day events. He also helped design the wood duck box that has aided the return of that species. Hawkins passed away in 2006 at the age of 92.

Mitch's 'Miracle Buck'

2012 is a year that will forever be locked into my memory as a year full of Whitetail dreams! To say that we like to Whitetail hunt in my family is a huge understatement, we are amazed at these creatures and study them 365 days a year! My 2012 season started out with a bang, I was able to go on a two-day youth hunt in Wisconsin on October 5th and harvest my best buck ever. An 11-point that gross scored right at the 150 inch mark. My excitement was extremely high and I had no idea what the night of November 27th in Minnesota would bring me!!

November 27th, 2012 was just another school day. My dad and I had planned on going to one of our bow hunting spots where we knew some good bucks were moving before dark. We got into our ground blind 2 and a half hours before dark, it was a cold night with a northwest wind. The deer were really moving good, we saw some nice bucks off in the distance and we had some come by our blind that were just a bit to young yet. It is now about a half hour before sunset and my dad says, “Mitch, there is a huge 8 pointer coming our way and he’s on the same trail that all the other deer had taken earlier which would bring him by us at 45 yards. To watch a deer of this caliber come from 300 yards away… let’s just say I now know what is it like to have a heart attack!! The big buck is now at 45 yards, the camera is rolling, and it is time to come to full draw and let it fly! The shot is back toward the stomach so we know we have to wait a day before we can go and track this deer! So we begin to pack up and just before we go to get out of the blind, a group of 5 coyotes enter the field and are headed in the direction of our gut shot buck!

November 28th is now here and my dad and I are not able to and track the deer for more than one hour because I have a hockey game that night. The blood trail starts off fantastic, lots of blood. We find where he bedded down and also find the arrow. Then my worst fears came true, the coyotes had jumped him and he started running so the blood trail became less and less.

November 29th, 7a.m., Dad and I are going to start tracking this deer along with Sam Pullar, Tony Siebert, Tom Thedens, and Peter Hein. It has now been two days since I shot the buck, the weather is warmer now and the snow cover is almost totally gone, so we lose the blood trail about 70 yards from when the coyotes started chasing him. One hour into the morning and we all are thinking there is no chance of recovering this buck. Our mood was as low as it could get. We all were heading back to the trucks when Peter called my dad’s cell phone and said that he had found my buck, and that we won’t believe how he found it! To make a long and amazing story a little bit shorter, Peter Hein, Flatliner, life long friend & brother in Christ - had asked God to give one of us 6 guys a sign that this buck was dead or just to give us peace if we were unable to recover it. Well God did just that right after Peter sent the prayer up he looked to the South and saw crows flying and circling around the woods so he ran to get a closer look and the crows brought him right to my deer! By this time he had went a mile from where we last stopped looking!

I now know that God might not always show you exactly what you are looking for, but he will give you signs to follow along the way. I named this huge 8- point buck my Miracle buck and I will remember these 3 days for the rest of my life! My buck gross scored near 160 inches and will be close to the biggest 8-point buck taken by a bow in Minnesota!

Rifle Grand Pize Winner - Kaleb!

My name is Kaleb Sundquist. I'm 10 years old. I won the Gun at the dinner the night before the MNTeen Challenge Fishing tournament.

The prize came with a guided whitetail hunt from Flatline Outdoors. Pete Hein was our man. He helped us get set up before the hunt with all of the necessary gear like scent killer from Wildlife Research.

We began our hunt with a good breakfast early that morning up in Pequot Lakes at the A-Pine. After breakfast our heart was pumping as we took to the woods to sit in the stand.

Patience was needed as we wondered why there were no deer as the location was perfect and well scouted. Suddenly out of the corner of our eye we spotted Timberwolves. Apparently they thought this was a good place to hunt too. You should have seen the face Pete made!


That afternoon we changed locations and dad took a nap in the ground blind. No deer. The next day Pete suggested we move to a stand that had good potential, based on the wind. The stand was high and had a nice shooting lane around a 100 yards long. Pete sat high above us to catch the whole hunt on video! He brought tons of snacks and cookies. yum yum.

The timberwolves returned and we thought we were doomed... But shortly after eating a, "Lucky Sandwich" we spotted the deer. My heart was pumping and after a big breath I squeezed the trigger. What a memory.

Thank youTeen Challenge for the wonderful guided hunting trip and youth rifle. Thank youTeam Flatline Outdoors. Pete Hein you make us laugh, and your heart is huge. Keep spreading the joy you bring and don't forget the snacks!
Kaleb Sundquist

Mathews Reezen Bow Winner

Just got back on Thursday, had a great trip. Hunted by myself for the elk, Dan couldn't get off.

He kind of set me up in the right area, one of his friends knew some one in that part of the state. He set me up with some guys in a coal mine that had elk on the property. They sent me in the right direction and I was in the elk within about an hour.

I seen a few on a hillside so I got around them so I had the wind in my favor and made a stalk. When I got closer I was surprised, there were at least 28 cows and 3 bulls that I know of. The bulls bugled back and forth a little, that was really neat to hear. They got up to the top of the hill and it was more grass than timber and I kind of ducked down and used a gully for cover, when I looked out I ranged 3 cows at 42 yards. I could only see about the top 1/3 of their bodies in the tall grass and they were up hill from me. I thought I could make the shot since I had been practicing out to 50 yards. I drew and released and the cow I had shot at just was gone in a flash but it sounded like a hit but wasn't sure. I ran up to where they had been and she was down right there, I had hit her in the spine so there was no tracking job. I did a kill shot and it was over.

Then the work began. I had a sled along so I got her gutted and quartered her up.there are allot of roads in the coal mines so I didn't have too far to drag and got her out in 3 trips with the sled.

I was done with my elk hunt by 2 PM the first day. Sure allot of anticipation for that short of a hunt. There was quit an adrenalin rush for about an hour and a half after I first seen the elk and trying to get close for a shot.

After that hunt I went over to the west part of Ky. and hunted deer with my son Dan, and I killed a whitetail doe with my new bow also.
That sure is a great bow and a very successful trip.

Thank You Team Flatline,
Leon Petterson

My Experience with Team Flatline Outdoors

By: Mark Strand

My experience with Team Flatine Outdoors has been an awesome bow-hunting trip. In fact it’s been my only bow-hunting trip so far. Up in the stand, down in the blind this trip has been worth it.

I won my Mission Maniac Bow in the rules meeting for the 4th annual MN Teen Challenge Fishing Tournament and Flatline Outdoor hosted the draw for the bow and a .223 Bolt Action Rifle, along with hunts for each of them.

On the first day we were at a property that belonged to the U of M. After that we went to our ground blind that Pete had. We were out there for about four hours and nothing came in sight. But the pizza made up for it when got back.

For our second day we went to the blind and around nine Pete saw a gray doe 200 yards away, tough luck there. Pete decided we should head to a soybean field in Becker, which was a famous hunting spot which is full of “Gaggers”. Well, he was right. There was a huge 10 pointer coming out of the woods. The stinky thing was, it was nearly dark. But there was a shocking total of 15 does.

Finally on the very last day, Dad and I went to a Deer Management Area that means you can’t bring home a dinky little thing. We saw some high activity in the area with a HUGE doe, two fawns, and a basket 6. The doe would have come in range, but my amateur cameraman scared the prize doe. And I could see the two fawns butt heads; I thought it was running the fawns to see what was going on. The buck was about 30 yards away but we let him go. In the fun of it all, every minute of this experience has been worth a lifetime.

I’d like to thank Pete Hein and all the rest of Team Flatline Outdoors for a wonderful bow and experience. And I'd like to thank MN Teen Challenge for putting on one of the most awesome fishing tournament’s ever in Minnesota.

Nov 2, 2012

Here is my 2012 bow harvest. I was fortunate to harvest this great 8 point with my bow last night. He came in growling and snort wheezing to my grunt call. I shot him at 11 yards and he expired within 5 seconds after bolting 75 yards.

Thanks to the good lord for giving me such blessings. Thank you to Brandon and Mark for helping with the recovery. Thanks to Ward Don and Chris and James for all the hard work and support. Thank you to Tyson for the support and the pictures. This is truly the outcome of these folks and their willingness to generously give their time, effort and many skills so that we can enjoy the success of bow hunting.

I am one very blessed and grateful archer,


October 29, 2012

Don't tell me this snake can't swallow a full grown man.

Wan'na go to the swamp Boys & Girls, Mommies & Daddies?

Ya'all come back now ! Hea? This is a Reticulated Python, native to Asia, but probably someone's pet that they let go in the swamps to fend for itself when it got too big and dangerous for them to handle.

June 2, 2012

The 4th annual MN Teen Fishing Challenge - sponsored by Fleet Farm on Gull Lake near Brainerd MN. Team Flatline Outdoors scores 1st place......

The weather was absolutely perfect for the contestants of the 4th annual MTFC on beautiful Gull Lake. With am temps around the mid 40's and an afternoon high of 75 with light breezes it was an amazing day to be on the water.

The team at Flatline Outdoors of Pete & Paul Hein hit the water around 6 am - launching at the federal dam state launch site we set off for Round Lake which connects to Gull Lake via a convert under Hwy 371.

We chased after bass for most of the day and did quite well. Mostly sticking to shallow flats and docks for active fish. With water temps warming after a week of cooler than normal weather - the bass were just starting to 'get on the beds'. There are plenty of bass in the Gull lake system and plenty of places to fish them.

During our pre-fish Friday before the tournament, we noticed several 'Rough Fish' in the areas we were catching bass, so I decided to throw my bow-fishing rig in the boat Saturday morning right before we launched. What's really cool about the MN Teen Fishing challenge tournament is - that it's a Multi species! You can fish for walleye bass pike and panfish - and even 'Ugly fish' which includes carp, suckers, bullheads, eelpout and dog fish. Since any angling method is approved, bow-fishing is included in that! So needless to say the arrows were flying!

We pulled into a back bay and dad hooked a nice bass on a scum frog, at about the exact time, a giant dog fish rolled up out of the weeds. As dad fought in his bass I lowered the boom on this awesome near 9 pound dog fish! We had a double going! One on a rod and reel and one on a bow! That was a 1st for me! It was a complete blast! And low and behold - that dog fish won us the 'Ugly Fish' trophy!

We finished in the top 10 in the bass and pike divisions and Plaque-ed out a 1st place in the ugly fish division!!

It was a great event. With 120 teams, 240 participants - $187,000.00 dollars raised for the ministries of MN TEEN CHALLENGE.

Team Flatline Outdoors sponsored the event again this year and gave away a Mission Maniac bow with a fully guided whitetail hunt, a Savage .223 rifle with a fully guided whitetail hunt and a Mathews Reezen 6.5 - to 3 lucky contestants.

- Mark Strand - - Kaleb Sundquist - - Leon Petterson -
It was another great event for an awesome ministry. We just can't wait until 2013, to fish the 5th annual tournament! From all of us at Team Flatline Outdoors, a special thank you to Jim Kalkofen and the entire crew at MNTC for setting up this amazing tournament - God was at this event.
And He gets all the Glory!!

Congratulations to all these prize winners. Special Thank You to Kicking Bear Ministries & Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for making all this possible.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord. (Psalm 150:6 NIV)

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