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Flatine Outdoors Pro-Staff

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I was born in Minnesota and grew up playing hockey and fishing. At age 14 I started deer hunting, and that year I shot my first deer with a bow. I discovered my passion for hunting from my two uncles, Clay and Corey.

I am currently enrolled in college and working for an outdoor furniture company in my hometown. My summers are soncumed with Flatline Outdoors and trying to make the best memories possible for our prostaff and viewers.

I love to manage witetail deer and fling arrows at thunder-chickens (turkeys). I like to express my love for the outdoors with video production. I have been editing for five years and have a passion for producing hunting videos that viewers can relate to. All of our hunting has been on private or public land- none of which has been with an outfitter.

Our goal at Flatline Outdoors is to promote the hunting lifestyle to the youth, women, and men alike, and make hunting videos that the average person can relate to.

Sam Pullar
Executive Producer
Elk River, MN


I was born and raised in Minnesota. I was lucky enough to have a dad who started me hunting and fishing at a very young age. I was fishing by age 4 and hunting by age 5. That seed of hunting and fishing that my father planted grew into a passion so great, it’s not a hobby to me, it is a way of life.

I am a happily married man. My wife Elissa is not only stunningly beautiful, but she also loves to hunt and fish. We have 3 beautiful and awesome children, Emma (9), Zach (5), and Zane (2 1/2). Being able to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends is a huge part of what Flatline Outdoors is.

I spend my time away from work (as a superindendent) fishing professional walleye tournaments and chasing the elusive whitetail deer and thunderchicken, aka wild turkey. We hunt in several states and for several species of game including elk, antelope, black bear and mule deer. I also owe all that I have and what I’m able to do to our lordsavior Jesus Christ and thank hime for this opportunity.

We at Flatline Outdoors are striving to promote and educate youth, under-privileged youth and special needs in outdoor activities that are based around hunting and fishing and pure enjoyment of the outdoors in a faith-based enviroment. Passing on our passion will preserve our heritage to future generations.

Pete Hein
Princeton, MN
NASP Instructor
MN DNR Bowhunter ED Instructor
MN Teen Challenge Outdoor Mentor
"Interrupting the dominance hierarchy of whitetail deer one gagger at a time."

I was born and raised in central Minnesota. Early on in life I was lucky enough to have a dad that liked to hunt deer and bear. I was able to experience hunting trips with my dad from the earliest age I can remember. From that day on, hunting ran through the veins in my body and yet to leave it. I have a deep passion for the quality management of whitetails across the country and that passion has made it possible to pursue different courses throughout my life, one being Flatline Outdoors & Flatline Productions.

I have a great girlfriend who understands my passion for the outdoors and allows me to continue my never ending pursuit of trophy animals (or it just gives her a reason to go shopping?) I am currently starting my third year of college at Hamline University pursuing a degree in criminal justice.

I spend my summers working for a Christmas tree farm in central minnesota and planning for the upcoming whitetail season. I take great pride in doing my part with quality deer management. Since my first hunt that I can remember I have always practiced QDM and will continue to practice and educate others on the outcomes of quality deer management. Try it out, the results will amaze you!

At Flatline Outdoors our goal is to promote and educate youth and women about the wonderful tradition of hunting so the future of our passion continues.

Tony Seibert
Head of Tactical Security
Elk River, MN


Born in Minnesota on a dairy farm. I grew up playing hockey and baseball. I got involved in hunting at age 12 from my older brother. I have a wonderful hard working wife (Jenny) and 2 kids (Connor and Kylee). My passion for hunting is two-fold, 1- I love the outdoors to get away and relax to see God's wonderful creation, and 2- I have a great deal of respect for an animal (whitetail) that can be so elusive and smart. It just drives me to want to outsmart them!

I am an owner of a heating and A/C company with my twin brother Corey. I am so blessed to share a business with him. We also hunt and film together.

Our goal at Flatline Outdoors is to get youth, women, elderly, and the handicapped involved in the outdoor lifestyle that we love so much and capture it on film, so we can enjoy the memories with friends and family forever!

I also have a passion for one more thing, and this is the biggest! My son Connor has Type 1 Diabetes and I would love to help raise as much money as possible to help them find a cure for this terrible disease that no child should have to deal with. Connor is 10 years old and was diagnosed with the disease at age 6. He never complains about it and I am so proud of him! He is my favorite hunting partner and is going to be forever! He killed his first deer with a bow in '08 and can't wait for the years to come!

Clay Thompson
Elk River, MN

"Interrupting the dominance hierarchy of whitetail deer one gagger at a time!!"


Born in Minnesota on a farm. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers, one of which is my twin! God has blessed me with a wonderful wife of 15 years (Diana) and 2 beautiful children (Mitch-12 and Kendra-14). My passion for God and family are #1 in my life. Hunting in the great outdoors is not far behind! Whitetail deer and I are like peas in a pod- we go hand in hand!

I am also part owner of a heating and A/C company with my twin brother Clay. It is a blessing to be able to work with family everyday!

Our goal at Flatline Outdoors is to get the outdoors back into the hearts of kids, elderly, women, and special needs groups! My biggest desire is to infect as many people as possible with the thrill of an outdoor experience/hunt that will make a permanent memory for them the rest of their lives.

Corey Thompson
Elk River, MN

"Find your heartbeat again!!!"


My outdoor interests started at a very young age. The first time I wrapped my hands around a fishing pole, I knew it was something special.

As I got older I started hunting. My father didn't hunt, so there were several years of trial and error, and far more failures than successes. But, as time passed I started learning a little more and was then able to apply those things to my hunting experiences.

After a while, things started to click and I began to have some unforgettable outdoor experiences. Now I have an opportunity to pass this small amount of knowledge on to my children.

I truly believe the best memories in the field are ahead of me.

Adam Sauerwein
Prostaffer, MN


I remember walking the fields with my dad when I was fairly young while he would bird hunt. He would deer hunt as well, but I didn't go along until I was closer to age 10 to watch him hunt with a hand built black powder gun. Just being outside in the woods with Dad seemed to be the only thing I wanted to do. We deer hunted together for almost 25 years.

Fast forward to 4 years ago when I was introduced to bowhunting for deer and more recently turkey by the Thompson Family. Those adventureshave included a couple of out of state hunts. Nothing more fun than a road trip, eh Pete! I am so luck y to have such great friends to hunt with and learn from, and if I can learn 1/10th of what they know I could hunt forever.

I am blessed with a wonderful wife of 11 years, Jennie, and 3 awesome very active kids. Kennedy, Billy Jr., and Chet, and they are soon to be my hunting party. My daughter will get her first bow this summer and will not let me forget it either. I might be more excited than her. The boys will follow soon after but already love to wear camo. Whenever we can, we go up near Mille Lacs where my in-laws have 40 acres so the kids can ride their 4-wheeler and wander in the woods looking for signs of critters. It is my greatest wish that they can come to love the outdoors as much as I do with hunting and we seem to have a great start as did I with my Dad.

I am extremely proud to be associated with Flatline Outdoors. I have been priveledged to become friends with them and look forward to the years to come.

Bill Gleason
Prostaffer, MN


I grew up in Elk River, MN playing hockey, soccer and tennis. I have 5 brothers; Tyler, Tony, Jeremy, Trent, and Jayson. I am the second oldest after Tyler. Tyler is a huge inspiration to me and to my whole family because he became paralyzed about 7 years ago in a construction accident working with our Dad. Since that time, his motivation for life and living has become even stronger. He has taught our family how important it is to have a strong faith in the Lord in our everyday lives no matter what challenges we face. I love to sit next to him in the woods and video his hunts, and I would rather do that than hunt myself. We have the best parents in the world and they did an unreal job at raising all 6 of us boys.

I started hunting when I was 14 years old. I started out small game hunting and then got into hunting whitetails with a shotgun. Hunting whitetail deer is the greatest sport in the world. Hunting with a shotgun slowly turned into bow hunting and for the past 5 or 6 years that is basically the only way I have hunted them. There is nothing more thrilling and intense than shooting a whitetail with a bow, the adrenaline rush is second to none! I don't know what I would consider this sport- a passion, an obsession, or an addiction. More than likely it is a combination of all three!

I am currently in Duluth, MN where I am working on my pharmacy degree(Pharm D), and when I am not in class or studying, I am out in the woods either hunting or videotaping my beautiful fiance Haley with her bow. She is also an avid deer hunter, and would rather shoot one with a bow than a gun. She is beautiful and has a passion for whitetails- What a combo! It doesn't matter if I am hunting or videotaping someone, as long as I am out in the woods I feel right at home.

Bucko Thompson
Prostaffer, MN


My name is Conner Thompson. I live in Elk River, MN. I love to hunt, fish, and play sports (hockey goalie).

I have Type 1 Diabetes and use an insulin pump and really try to raise a lot of money for finding a cure.

I love to play outside and help my Grandpa on the farm.
I love to share the outdoors with all my friends.
I also really love shooting my bow at targets.

Conner Thompson
Prostaffer Jr., MN


Hi, I'm Elissa Hein.
I was born and raised in Minnesota. I am the youngest of 5 children. I come from a family of avid outdoorsmen and women. We all hunt to say the least!

I'm grateful to be married to a wonderful man, Pete, who shares with me the desire and love for the outdoors, hunting, and fishing. We are parents to 3 amazing kids, Emma (9), Zach (5), and Zane (2 1/2). We are passing along this amazing heritage to our children so they too can appreciate God's gifts. Through the avenues of hunting and fishing, we hope to instill good attributes in our children. Attributes of love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Having those traits bring compassion, integrity, and courage as well. What more can a parent pray for?

My passion is big game archery hunting. I love the challenges and the disappointments it can bring. Hunting with my best friend and husband Pete is the best feeling in the world. Whether I'm holding the bow or running the camera, it's awesome! I can't wait for out children to grow up and experience this with us.

Other hobbies I have include gardening, cooking, and horses. I work as an Orthopedic Assistant and I am also a full time Mom!

Words of Wisdom:
"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgace you." Ephesians 4:32

Elissa Hein
Prostaffer, MN

"For nothing is impossible with God"
Luke 1:37


I was born with whitetail madness in Central Minnesota. I grew up olaying hockey and I am now a junior in High School, but taking classes at St. Cloud State University. I started deer hunting when I was 12 and have been addicted to it ever since. There is something about the deer being right in my face that draws me to hunting them with a bow. I love the adreniline rush I get from seeing a deer, especially a trophy buck.

I was introduced to hunting by my father, Matt, and he is by far my favorite hunting buddy. I have 5 brothers (Tyler, Bucko, Tony, Jeremy, and Trent) and I love to hunt with all of them. I also enjoy hunting with other family members and friends. I hunt mostly in Wisconsin and Minnesota. I love to practice quality deer management and I am just getting into hunting turkeys. In the summer I work for my Dad, who owns a construction business, to make money to get to and from school.

Jayson Thompson
Prostaffer, MN


It all started in 1982 in Honolulu, Hawaii where I was born and then got completely ripped off when my family moved 6 weeks later. At the time, my father was a Gunnery Sgt. in the Marines so I spent my first years moving frequently throughout Massachusetts and North Carolina, then eventually to Rogers, MN. No matter where we were, my Dad made sure to teach my 3 older brothers and me to shoot and hunt. I can still remember being 5 in a dove field in NC carrying my Crossman Pump BB gun when I got my firsts kill, a dove that made the mistake of alnding right in front of the blind. Since then I was hooked.

I grew up like any other MN kid playing football, baseball, and hockey while trying to hunt every chance I had. I'm currently living in Princeton with my beautiful wife Jackie, who doesn't hunt but has no problems with me do it constantly, and our daughters Autumn(9) and Allie(2) also a crazy yellow lab named Daisy. I own a roofing/siding company that keeps me fairly busy but ina business like that you get a lot of down time inthe Fall and Winter which you'll never hear me complain about.

Growing up, my family were duck hunters but my Dad and brothers would deer hunt occasionally. I wasn't into deer hunting at the time, but one of my brothers started bow hunting deer in the early 90's, so he's who I went to for advice for my first deer hunt when I was 19. A good friend and I decided to try deer hunting a 40 acre island on the Mississippi River that we'd been duck hunting. An hour and a half into opening morning an 8 pointer walked by at 15 yards broadside and seconds later I was doing the backstrap boogie. Within an hour of that my buddy got a six pointer - his first also! Since then I've started bow hunting and chasing everything from bear to pheasant with turkey quickly becoming my favorite. I try to introduce as many people as possible to the great outdoors because I feel if you're not enjoying it you're wasting it.

Jeremiah Alderman
Prostaffer, MN


I was born in Elk River, MN. The outdoors has been a big part of my life. I was able to shoot my first turkey this year with a crossbow. I also love to play hockey in the Winter, go deer hunting in the Fall, and hanging out with friends.

I am so thankful for God for giving us the great outdoors. Good luck to everyone this upcoming Fall!

Kendra Thompson
Prostaffer, MN


Born and raised near Zimmerman, I started hunting and fishing when I was young. I never set any records back then and not any since. Getting up at 4:00 is still exciting, but gets old quicker. I went with my Dad at an early age. My kids also learned at an early age to go with their Grandpa and me. I have hunted deer for nearly 53 years, using rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader; including bow and arrow. We all worked together on the planning, hunting, celebrating, and eating our game. The stories have lasted for many years and have been relived many times. Along the way I've had many four legged friends that have been a joy. They can be a challenge, but what a reward when they bring back that duck that fell out of range of your hip boots. I have also hunted predators including fox and coyotes.

Our families have always had a cabin on a lake somewhere, so fishing and hunting has always been an enjoyable pastime for all of us. I have made many trips to the Boundry Waters; Reed Lake in Manitoba, Canada; Sturgeon Lake in Ontario, Canada and Devils Lake, North Dakota; all for the great fishing and/or hunting experiences with friends and family.

I taught firearms safety training for over 30 years and enjoyed working with the kids to give them the foundation to be responsible firearm handlers. In 1990, I participated in the ATA State Trapshoot in St. Cloud, MN and placed 1st in Class A, breaking 199 targets out of 200. I still participate today, shooting sporting clays and trap but don't shoot near as good!

My wife and I went on a 3 month trip to Alaska this past summer which was absolutely remarkable. We saw moose, black bears, grizzly bears, lynx, and wolf. The sockeye fishing was magnificent.

We experienced two runs of Sockeye and it was something that we will never forget. The Halibut fishing was awesome and we saw humpback whales and see otters along the way. Alaska was our "Trip of a Lifetime" but all we can think about is going back someday!

In our retirement we live on a lake near Brainerd, MN and enjoy fishing, hunting, and wildlife that abounds.

Larry Smith
Prostaffer, MN


I was born in Elk River, MN. I love to hunt deer, turkeys, and go fishing in Canada. I shot my first turkey this spring with my Dad and I also shot my first mature buck, October of 2009.

God has blessed us with the wonderful outdoors, and I will enjoy it whenever I can. I also love to play hockey, baseball, and basketball.

Someday I hope to shoot a buck that scores over 200 inches.

Mitch Thompson
2012 Prostaffer of the Year
Prostaffer, MN


I was born and raised in rural Minnesota. I am the youngest of 5 children, and our Mother and Father worked very hard at keeping food on the table. Hunting and fishing wasn't a pastime, it was a way of life!

That lifestyle has put the label "meat hunter" on many of my generation. My Father wouldn't pass up a buck but, "you don't eat bone!" Thank the Lord that things improved greatly since those days. However that way of life also instilled a passion in me for the outdoors and a great respect for all living things. I love fishing as much as hunting, everything in its own season, and now that I'm retired from construction I have time to do new things such as bow hunting.

Remember to take your kids hunting and you won't have to go hunting your kids! Have a great hunting season and be safe!

Paul Hein
Prostaffer, MN


I was born in Minnesota. I grew up hunting, fishing, and spending as much time as possible in God's great outdoors. I discovered my passion for hunting and the outdoors with my Dad. As age 12 my Dad brought me up north deer hunting and I harvested my first deer with him- a memory I will never forget!

I just graduated from Northwest Lineman College in Boise, Idaho and earned my certificate as an Electrical Power Lineman. I spend my time filming, editing, and hunting with the Flatline Outdoors crew. I have a huge passion for outdoor cideo production and editing. It all started when I filmed Sam shoot his first deer on film in our freshman year in high school.

I love to chase big "Thomas" turkeys in the spring, and manage for giant whitetails through the summer and fall. I have been editing and producing for 7 years now and love creating videos that bring the true passion of the outdoors and God's beautiful creation into the viewer's home. I am also SO blessed to be part of Flatline Outdoors and the whole crew!

Our goal at Flatline Outdoors is to introduce youth, women, and men into God's great outdoors and to produce incredible hunting videos that the viewers will never forget!

Weston Lovelette
Prostaffer, MN

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